The removal of boundaries – Why?

Similarly to the digital transformation of the banking sector, we are heading towards the removal of boundaries in traditional manufacturing. The Fourth Industrial Revolution with the fusion of technologies will change manufacturing as we know it, and, let´s be honest, it will be a real challenge to convert the factories of the last century with all the legacy from mindset to technology. We are inspired by that challenge. The simFactory team, with its extensive experience of supply chains, is driven by the opportunity to be part of the next big paradigm change.

Our purpose is to help clients provide a better value proposition for their own clients by using our hybrid SaaS solution for industry. The core idea is simple, to aggregate manufacturing data from multiple sources, to process and unify the data and enable complex advanced analytics. The aim is to create meaningful real-time visualizations or predictions to facilitate decision-making at management level as well as on the shop floor. Altogether, the focus is on increasing production efficiency, raising product quality and reducing manufacturing costs.

We see that data collected and processed in real time are what drive change in the business(es) in question, and this can be seen in manufacturing as well. We are excited by being able to contribute and simplify manufacturing, which has been managed according to same principles for the last quarter of a century.

We know that near to real-time reports of operator and machinery performance are crucial for making shop-floor management decisions, but we believe our customers would like to be many steps ahead and be informed much sooner if future performance needs actions. We want to help them be proactive, not reactive.

Measuring of key performance indicators is a very important statistic method to give a fast, standardized overview of factory performance/efficiency. But we would like to make it more meaningful and remove artificial elements in formulas, for example manually measured cycle time. We believe our customers would like to see what is actually happening on the shop floor and see the values of KPI calculations which are taken directly from the source.

Real-time monitoring of the production is a must-have solution in today’s IoT era. Sensors can detect any stops and record downtime quickly and alerts can be sent out on time. We believe our customers would like to be alerted beforehand when downtime, a decrease in quality, or a shortage of inventory, etc., occurs. Otherwise, it is a bit too late – the damage has already been done. We want to move monitoring to the next level and improve visibility by adding a little prediction.

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