Shortening the value chain − the goal of every company

Striving towards the improvement of services and products is a key factor in every company’s culture. Rising to the top in your industry increases your customer base, meaning more products can be brought to market and inevitably sustainable growth for the business. All in all, the high competitiveness of the company in its industry is guaranteed and shareholders are therefore happier.

In order to become the best, the value chain of products or services has to be constantly improved. Throughout history, the improvement value proposition has been accelerated by industrial revolutions. The latest industrial revolution, numbered 4.0, known as the era of digitalization and IoT, is picking up momentum.

Along with digitalization, some paradigm changes can be seen − experience-based manufacturing is becoming knowledge-based. In factories, more data is available for advanced analytics and dashboards, thus enabling on-time and precise decision-making in order to improve production efficiency and the quality of the products or service in question and reduce manufacturing costs.

In general, IT in electronics factories is 10 years behind compared to what is possible in IT overall. In factories, offline and monolithic solutions are used and in reality, production is not traceable in a real-time. With simFactory we are helping factories to modernize their IT and provide a new level of visibility on shop-floor.

simFactory is a data-driven electronics manufacturing SaaS that enables real-time visibility into production and provides high-quality preprocessed data for advanced analytics and decision automation.