Enroll as a Pilot Factory

simFactory takes an open approach to delivering the solution for electronics industry. We work together with our customers to build the highest priority features first to benefit from data visibility and build the road to digital products and services. Meet us to plan pilot deployments in your production lines and supply chain.

simFactory has partnered with global manufacturers like Enics, Oshino, Estonian Electronics Association and Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications to provide the solution the industry needs today, not in 5 years. We have developed our solution in collaboration with the leading system integrators like Proekspert, Tieto, Nortal and Fujitsu. The solution is developed by a team with combined experience of 60 years in delivering software products and services for mission critical processes. Our team has developed industrial 3D printer services, solar panel communication software, geospatial IoT platforms, cybersecurity solutions, supply chain management services.

Move ahead of competition by starting a simFactory pilot to deliver productivity improvements and operator effectiveness while you work towards higher value added data analytics business cases. We will work with you to select the business case that matters to you most, from a range of proven use cases.